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Add-Ons -- some ideas to brush up web pages more than just optically:
A hit counter is often used to get an overview about visitor frequency for a specific page. The hit counter by QWD offers the option to get an e-mail with the current counter value each time the page is accessed (all details in the B2B section).
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A calender of the current month reminds of deadlines, holidays, and so on, and assists in planning ahead. Such a calender can be generated my means of Javascript or via a cgi script - depending on the intended use of your page and your computational environment, one solution or the other is better suited. In both cases, holidays for one country or for more countries can be marked, and private or company anniversaries can be indicated in addition. Of course, variants with more than one month (for instance the past, the present, and the upcoming month) are no problem either.

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An alternating image like the one next to this paragraph, which changes according to wall clock time, makes visitors curious and eager to come back in a very natural way. With a slower interval, for example as an "image of the day", it is a perfect instrument to present products, to honour coworkers on their birthday, for season greetings, and so on. Alternating images can be generated also via Javascript or by means of a cgi script. Prerequsit is simply a suitable archive of images, eventually with corresponding texts.
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