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Univ.-Doz. Dr. Michael Ramek, Laimburggasse 26, 8010 Graz, Austria.

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Design Principles.
Our design service offers the following categories, which might be supplemented by parallel versions in different languages. In addition, we offer photographic documentations of ceremonies, outdoor events, etc. (example) and courses on web-related topics like HTML, Javascript, Perl, or colour choice, which can be focussed on specific customer interests.
  • Lady Bird: Basically a single page with not more than two graphics and an unlimited number of logos; for practical reasons, details (like registration form, travel information) may be shifted to separate pages. This is the category for events with a programme that is still under development. Can be combined with an online registration (examples: Central European Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry 2007, Trattberger Stier).
  • Hedgehog: Up to ten pages that contain not more than two graphics, two logos, and three navigation links with or without icons or link buttons per page; external links lead to sponsors or institutions with a function relation to the page, but not to pages with related content (example).
  • Elephant: An installation that exceeds the limits of the above categories, that, e.g., uses its own search routine, data base, or access control (example: Quantum Mechanics Tutorial), or that starts numerical computations by means of a web interface (example: Sudoku-Doktor).
Service and Prices.
Contact: Ramek@qwd.at.

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